1. ABOUT US: Our company was founded in 2010 in Turkey's capital Ankara. Turkey 1.Ham and glossy paper with the market price and quality Printing, Publishing, Printing Houses, Packaging Industry, World Paper Stock Exchange with the public and private sector institutions Local Traders Inc. In 2014, the difference with the price and quality products, has come to a leading position in the trade. 2. REGISTERED CAPITAL: Our group of Registered Capital: $10.000.000,00 Share capital of our group: $10.000.000,00 3. WHAT WE DO: - Exporter, - Manufacturer, -Acent To, -importer. 4.OUR FUTURE: Our company, which has a fast growing economy and a young population as a company with an international not feature local structures in Turkey continues its growth targets. Two important sources of market Shipbuilding sector education sector and educational institutions accordingly. Central and evaluate our export potential of our long-term plans in Asia, the Middle East, is located goals such as developing our trade with Europe and the Gulf countries.

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